Vibrators were found in Pompeii after an earthquake buried alive the vibrant city. These vibrators are a big hit with ladies of all sexual backgrounds. Women aged 55-60 were just as likely to have tried a sex toy at some point in their lives. Now, vibrators and other sexually stimulating products are being sold in more mainstream outlets everywhere… Read More

When trying to help your partner have a orgasm it is good to know some of the facts that will help you. You can start by stimulating your clitoris only as foreplay, and use the vibrator when you are ready for penetration. Let your partner control your vibrations while on a date. There are many options for penetration vibes, many of which can be use… Read More

The Create a King product is designed to allow you to create a king sized mattress or bed from two twin beds. Hand-detailed to showcase a smoothly tapered tip and shaft criss-crossed with subtly swollen veins, the included 9 inch version of the King Cock boasts extreme-level realism, a plush, squeezable texture and a nice wide base that provides lo… Read More

If you are a single man, you may well want to find women who like men wearing pantyhose. Have you ever had any mishaps while wearing it?Woman A: One time I ejaculated while I was on top and she was wearing the strap-on and it was messier than anticipated. The Tantus Feeldoe Strapless Dildo saves you from the hassle of having to break the rhythm of… Read More